No phones at the Gym

If you are like me you like to get to the gym maybe answer a text or change songs  but keep moving around doing your routine. What I see happening a lot are these people who just sit down on a flat bench or on another piece of equipment for what seems like forever. This kind of behavior disrupts everyone’s flow and will give you a bad rap.

Yes everyone checks their phones, but sitting down and having a full conversation for a half an hour is just wrong. Nobody should want to be the one that is just sitting staring at a screen the whole point is to keep moving and get your heart rate up. If you have something important to do on your phone you should go sit in the locker room or somewhere out-of-the-way.

There is a guy like this at the gym that I attend and he causes all kinds of problems by just sitting in the way texting the whole time. Me and my gym buddies are constantly having to work around him to try to getting everything done.  It’s just down right rude and wont help you in your quest for health. So keep it light with the texts and heavy on the reps and keep moving forward.


First blog post

Hello reader this is the very first post on my blog that will hopefully help with peoples fitness journeys

Hello reader this is the very first post on my blog that will hopefully help with peoples fitness journeys. I am your average night time/ weekend warrior looking at achieving and keeping an overall state of health. I am always reading, researching, and talking with others trying to further my knowledge.

I am starting this Blog because some of the information that I have found or learned isn’t always the easiest to find. Also I never have been trained by a personal trainer because I think it is a waste of money due to fitness being a personal journey but that is for another time. I hope you enjoy what I have to say.


When To Work Out

Something that seems to come up now and again is when is the best time to work out? It is argued earlier in the day for this kind of workout later for that but what should we really be doing? The only thing you need to know is the best time is when you have free time.

What I mean by the best time when you have free time is you are most likely not a professional athlete and it doesn’t matter. You probably have a job maybe kids or juggling school and a part-time job not 2 adays. For us regular joes it’s all about getting it done when you can not optimizing it. Sure you want to make your time in the gym or whatever you do worth it but the key is knowing doing something is better than nothing.

That’s my two cents for the day! Hope this tid bit helped to keep you motivated and if you liked what you read hit that like button and share with your friends!

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Couples Workout

Something I have noticed at the gym are a lot of couples that come together and have different ways of going about being at the gym. Some of these couples  work out together and some just meet back up together when it is time to leave. Here are some things I would like to say or suggest if you are thinking about going to the gym with someone special.

Out of the options of working out together or separately I think that needs to start with what you both are trying to accomplish with your time. Maybe you’re a runner while your other half is a power lifter we all have goals we all need to accomplish them our own way. But if you have the option of working out with your better half  I say go for it.

Working out with your better half is great for motivation being there with buddy is always great but someone you are intimately close with is another level. You know exactly what pushes the other persons buttons and what really gets them going. Seeing this person that is helping you be a fitter version of yourself can maybe help with diet. Another way of looking at it is you get to bond with the special person in your life another way and bring yourselves closer than you were before.

A negative that kind of bothers me is people who “Train” their significant others at the gym. Now when I say train I mean guide in workouts and by someone not entirely qualified to do so. I have seen many times these guys bringing their girlfriends to the gym and sort of fumble through it. If you are pretty known to working out or kind of unsure yourself don’t be trying to be an expert where you are not. Showing anyone especially your other half poor work out form can be harmful to their body. using bad form can cause injury and maybe permanent damage.

Lastly don’t be a show boater, to impress someone. You will look like a tool and if you can’t handle the couple extra 45 pound plates on a flat bench, don’t expect you 90 pound girlfriend to lift it off.

Well that is it for my rambling for today Hope you liked the post if you did hit that like button and share with your friends.

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Gym Shower Supplies

This post is partially due to all the smelly dudes you may work with or see at the gym. I can’t tell you how many guys I see just change into a polo and slacks and walk out the gym locker room. So here is a quick once over of things that will help you get in and out and off to work smelling like a rose.

Flip Flops

Flip flops or some kind of water shoe is a must when taking the shower at the gym. Being a shower that the general public uses you don’t know what people happen to be washing off themselves in there. Some people could have diseases that can be picked up from your feet like Athletes foot so it is good to wear something to protect yourself. Here is a link to some that can help you Click Here


Wash cloth or loofah

It is good to have something to lather some soap to get your body clean at the gym or not. to help your self with speed you should get one just to take with your gym stuff so you always have one. Making sure you hit all the spots that hold odor like your arm pits is one way to avoid not being the smelly person at work. Here are some cheap loofahs to get you started Click Here

2 in 1 body Wash

One way to keep down on what you are carrying into the gym is to get a good body wash that is also shampoo. I find this helps when walking from your locker to the shower so you don’t have to worry about dropping anything. The best part is they have these in sport scents that seem to be real strong to give you that smell of clean all day. Here are some options to look for (sorry ladies doesn’t seem they make a female flavor) Click Here


Last but not least get yourself a good gym towel so you can dry off. I prefer a big fluffy towel because at the gym seems like you are rushing a lot and having a thin wimpy towel makes it harder to get dry. Also helps if the towel is a good size for those that try to stay modest around the locker room. Here is a link to help you grab a warm fluffy towel to get you started Click Here

Something that would also be in handy to bring would be a plastic bag or to buy a bag with a wet area. You need to have somewhere to put your wet towel and you don’t want to have everything get wet and begin to mildew.

Well that is a list of some things that will help you not be the smelly person for a quick shower at the gym. If you liked hit that like button and share with your friends and stay fresh!

Picking a gym

Maybe you are new to a fit life or want to try going to a Gym here are some of the things that I think you should look for to point you in the right direction.


Location is something that is key to your search because what is the point of a gym that you can never get to. In my search I found something that was close to home so I could hit it on the weekends when I wasn’t out at work but it a good location from where I work so that after or before work I could get in a session if I choose.

Whats in the gym?

Another important thing is to see what is in the gym you are looking to join. Most gyms give a tour and you can check out what they have. If you are not looking to be a boxer you shouldn’t go joining a boxing gym it probably doesn’t have everything you would be looking for. Now in my experience I also look at things  that I can live without.

A lot of gyms have added things like saunas and tanning beds. You need to evaluate what you are looking for in a gym. If you are someone who doesn’t tan or isn’t going to get in the sauna why pay for a membership where you don’t use what they offer. To many times people get caught up in everything that there is that they don’t actually see what they need to reach their goals. So make a chart and evaluate what you can and can’t live without.


Now this is probably the one key element I can stress with you. Don’t be gym broke! you should choose to get a membership where it isn’t going to break the bank. You need to settle with yourself you aren’t most likely a world-class athlete so do you need to go to the gym with tons of machines and weights you may never use? Something that hits home with me is the cost per day for going to the gym from your membership. I have gone to the gym 7 out of 7 days where I am pretty sure the gyms losing money on me and skipped months in college. Make sure that your membership isn’t so expensive you can never take a vacation from it.

Lastly watch out for those long-term contracts they can bite you in the butt.

That’s it for today hope you liked the post. If you can hit that like button and share with your friends.

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Workout Switch up

There are many ways to switch up workouts to make it less of a workout and more of a fun challenge. Take for instance all the people who became obsessed with being a Ninja warrior. They have a goal to reach their buzzer but are pushing themselves to be in peak physical performance in a different way. Here are a few different activities that I use when I need to switch it up.

Cinder block throw

So a buddy of mine and I became obsessed at some point with wanting to train for one of these obstacle courses you see advertised everywhere. One thing that you need is decent arm straight a way we learned to gain that was by tying a rope to a cinder block and throwing it as far as we could. After throwing the block we would use the rope to pull it back to you and repeat. The crazy thing is after doing this for weeks on end you get a crazy grip from pulling the rope but also build some decent guns from flinging a concrete block around.

Rock Carry/ toss

With the same concept as the block throwing we had to add some cardio. So what we ended up doing was running down to the crick and picking the biggest rock we could carry to start. This rock then we would carry for so far and then throw it. Where the lock rolled to we would have to walks and pick it up. You feel this one in your core from constantly bending over and picking up the rock but it also gets those legs moving.

Tire flip

Last but not least the tire flip. I remember reading somewhere the crazy abs that those guys in three hundred had were developed by tire flipping. Tire flipping is actually an art if you do your research and have a big enough tire. There are different moves involved with picking up the tire and trying to flip it over. All I know is in the heat and the flipping you tend to burn a lot of calories and sweat your booty off.

Ok well that is it for this post but I hope you liked it so get out there and try something new. If you liked the post hit that like button and tell your friends.


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Other Cardio

So unless you’re a person that has caught the running bug you probably don’t really enjoy cardio as much as you wish you did. So I came up with a very short list of things that give you a cardio workout but may not bore you as much as running.

Heavy Bag

Something I like to do is hit a heavy bag. If done correctly a heavy bag workout can burn as many calories as running or biking. The key to it is keep moving the point of a heavy bag is to simulate a fight without getting hit back.  Start out doing a 20 minute routine and trying different combos to see how you like it. So put up those mitts and knock them dead.

Jumping Rope

Jumping rope may bringing you back to your child hood a bit but it can be a good cardio workout. Speed ropes are fairly cheap and you can jump rope just about anywhere which is a cool bonus.  The key to getting a good cardio  workout out of jumping rope is not messing up and the time you do it. Start out trying 2 minute intervals up to 8 minutes, you won’t believe how sore your arms will get.


That is right I went there but it’s just because studies have shown that having sex can burn calories similar to running a mile. Keys to this one practicing safe sex with someone special but also making sure you’re the one doing the work. The best part about it is your having sex so you’re not thinking about running or whatever. Different way to look at it but hey can give you and your partner the exercise you needed.

Almighty then that is it for my tid bit for the day. I hope you enjoyed it and weren’t offended at all but any who if you liked it hit that like button and share with your friends.

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No Skip day

If you are a regular gym goer you have probably heard the saying friends don’t let friends skip leg day. This is due to the fact that so many people work around not working out their legs. Last time I was at the mall I saw this guy with this giant build walking around like king kong. The funny thing is when his legs came visible you could tell he did know what a squat was. Take it from me don’t be that person that doesn’t work out every part of your body because you are letting down your body and from an aesthetic stand point you will look kinda silly.

So I here is a basic leg workout to change them chicken legs into a nice beefy foundation.

Squats 4×10= This is the big daddy=o of them all work out. The key to squatting is simple squat down like your taking a poop in the woods. (what the old football coach would say) You want to go down till you at least hit 90 degrees then pop back up. Also while you do this be careful because if you lose your balance you can get seriously hurt or hurt someone else.

Leg press 4×12– the key to leg press is same as squatting bring the weight down till you hit 90 degree and then punch the weight back up. The problem most people face is their butt coming off the seat to push the weight up. Your going to want to not cheat on this and use the side handles to keep your butt planted and use all leg power to get the weight back up.

Leg curl 4×12– When doing leg curls the most important thing is to not flop your legs down after you raise the weight. Control is important all the way through  till you are back at the starting position.

Leg extension 4×12-Same as the curls you want to control the weight all the way up and all the way down. If you haven’t noticed there is a common them with lifting and a lot of it is controlling the weight. anybody can just throw weights around but to harness it and use it to get the best results is more of a challenge.

Calf raises 4×15– This exercise can be performed on a machine or by using weight to hold you down and raise your calfs up. The easiest way to think of this exercise is tippy toes you want to get on the ball of your feet and raise as high as you can and then back down to touch your heel.

Well that’s a basic as it comes leg work out to start out. If you liked what you read hit that old like button and share with your friends.

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