Proper Gym Wear

So at some point you may be thinking about joining a gym, or maybe you already belong to one. The question comes up what do I wear? So here are things that I noticed that come in handy.

When buying some gym cloths are choosing something to wear you need to find something comfortable. You are not going to be focused on doing your best and crushing a great workout if you are not feeling your best. if something is to tight or to loose you may also have an embarrassing accident or end up catching your cloths on something.

Don’t worry about name brand things when buying gym cloths. depending on what you are buying other than your sneakers you shouldn’t spend a ton on your gym cloths. The reason is you are going to beat them up sweat in them and pretty much destroy them. SO buying expensive stuff your going to end up trashing after a while isn’t worth it.

As I mentioned in the above paragraph do not skimp on your sneaks. The sneakers you buy should be quality. I personally went to the shoe store and tried on all kinds of sneakers to make sure I had a good pair that weren’t going to kill my feet. Another thing to consider is what you are going to be doing at the gym can determine what kinda sneakers you are going to want to purchase. So do your research and make a smart decision before buying the cute blue ones that are going to match that outfit.

Lastly something to consider is don’t dress outside your body type. I say this with love but I have always been a bigger guy myself and I don’t wear tiny tank tops thinking im some kinda lean hunk. But pay attention to what you are wearing because you could make your self look worse and other people feel uncomfortable. This also goes for the young ladies just wearing a sports bra to the gym, I have seen other ladies wonder and stare. So pay attention to the environment of the gym you are going to.

That is it for today’s service announcement. Please share with your friends.

Here is a link to some cool cloths I found  Click Here


Author: Secret Cupid

Just a regular guy trying to make share some information that I have learned.

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