Make a plan

So you have been going through the motions going to the gym and not seeing many results and are wondering what am I doing wrong? What I can tell you the problem that I see with many people at the gym is that they have not direction at the gym and are wondering around aimlessly not really knowing what to do. The way you can solve this is by making yourself a workout plan.

Like building a house or putting your kids bike together you need to have some direction of what to do. View your body as that house you want to build and renovate what do you need to do? well with the age of the internet you can find just about anything you want to online. Different workouts, work out plans, and some may come with diet tips too.

When my buddies and I started gyming we hit   and did our research . having a plan makes you more efficient and be able to crush a workout instead of surveying what everyone else is doing and wondering where you fit in.

Thats my tidbit for the day so get out there and reach your goal. If you like what you read share with your friends!

Here is a link to some notebooks you could take and write down your plan in Click Here

Author: Secret Cupid

Just a regular guy trying to make share some information that I have learned.

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