Things not to do

Hey reader here is a short list of things not to do at the gym:


Bring a Coffee

So you’re a little tired in the morning but still want to get your workout in I get it but don’t bring your fast java place coffee to the gym. I have seen a few people do this carry around a hot cup of joe slurping on it like they are in the mall. Look, you’re at the gym to get it done and pound out a work out not gracefully walk around with a cup of coffee. The coffee container is likely to tip over and create a mess let alone you could burn somebody so use your head. (could always put it in a shaker) And if you’re not drinking it black all that added garbage prolly isn’t helping your lift….


Wearing work gloves

Ok we get it you saved some money and got leather work gloves instead of lifting gloves. To help you out why don’t you man up and bare hand it like the rest of us. Every serious lifter earns the callous on their hands that toughens you up. If you are going to look like the glove guy invest in some lifting gloves designed for gripping iron. Other wise the rest of us are looking at the huge tool walking around like  your going gardening.

Using everything at once

This is most people biggest pet peeve, somebody just running around using 5 things at once. It’s very understandable you could be crunched for time or most people trying to do some kinda huge super set. There are other people who go to your gym and they pay for a membership just as you do so if you leave a bench open for 10 minutes be courteous and let them use it. There are a few guys at my gym that think they are training for who knows what and do this all the time which usually starts a fight. So again use your head and think about what you are doing.

Creepy photography

You probably use your phone to play your music when you are at the gym but that doesn’t mean you need to take pictures. Many times I have caught guys taking pictures of girls squatting or what not. The gym is a place where people come work out and feel comfortable. Nobody wants you to take their picture for you to send it to your friends, because working out can be a very personal thing.


All right that is enough advice out of me or some might say a gripe session on what ticks me off a the gym. So share with your friends and stay healthy.

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Author: Secret Cupid

Just a regular guy trying to make share some information that I have learned.

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