Right to bear Arms

So today we are going to dive into an arm workout so you can get those little garden snakes into some pythons.

So arms like talked in previous posts grow when everything else is starting to take shape but you still need to give them a work out. I like arm day because its pretty straight forward and you can feel like a king afterword.

Cable push downs 4×15– I like to start with some cable push downs to get the arms warmed up. Key is to pick a weight where you can get all the reps out but make sure you are keeping form. You should be trying not to go less than a 90 degree angle while repping this will keep the muscle active during the entire exercise and isolate your movement.

One Arm Cable curls 4×10– I like to do the cable curls with one arm getting isolation on the bicep. The key tho is to make sure your not rocking like with all curls.

Skull crushers 4×8– I try to go lower reps with a bit higher weight so I can try and get some girth on my arms. make sure to keep your elbows in and actually touch down on your forehead. (they call them skull crushers for a reason, and it keeps you from crashing the weight around nice controlled reps)

Hammer curls 4×10– the key is trying to not go to heavy and to control your lift. I see to many people swinging their arms you want to control the weight going up and do these alternating. When you are done if you don’t feel the burn in your bicep you are doing this wrong.

Dips 4×10– you can do these hanging or with a machine. I prefer the machine because I can lift more than I weigh and its more controlled. I feel that sometime when lifting your own weight you do these too fast and you aren’t hitting the muscle how you should.

Preacher Curls 4×10– A key to this exercise is alternating your grips, every other set go close grip to a wide grip and it will hit the muscles different. Make sure your elbows stay on the pad and don’t be rocking your entire body back and form to get the weight up. The best practice is to go light to make sure your  form is spot on.

And that is it, there are many other exersizes that you can do. This is a good place to start and always remeber to not curl in the squat rackkk… IF you liked what you read share with friends.

Here is a link to some dumbells on Amazon if anything you can do some curls while watching you evening tv Click Here

Author: Secret Cupid

Just a regular guy trying to make share some information that I have learned.

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