Outside Fitness Ideas

So you’re getting board of the gym and your workouts are lacking some effort lately. Sound a little familiar? With the weather being nice you should get outside and grab a hobbie that will also keep you healthy. Here are a few ideas to keep you fit but keep your mind out of the im just at the gym again mode.

The first outdoor activity is probably one of the oldest that you probably have been doing a majority of your life bike riding. Bike riding is a great way to stay healthy go enjoy the outdoors and burn them calories. I think many people forget about bike riding if they are not suited up doing the Tour De France  ( a bike nut) but it is a simple hobble that can keep you moving.

Another great way to stay fit and outside is kayaking. This sport has picked up a lot lately and I love it. Kayaking like biking is great to do because you can experience the fresh outdoor air other than the A/c recycled air of the gym. The best part is after a 1 time investment you are set no constant payments like a gym membership to keep you going. So find a water way and let that upper body feel the burn.

Last but not least I think this should go without saying but take a walk. I think many people discount walking as just a way to get from point A to point B but depending on the distance you can get some burning going. I suggest finding a nature path or walk way along a waterfront with things that you would like to see. By looking at all the nature and different things your mind isn’t even thinking about the distance your walking so you don’t even know you are doing any work.

Well that is it for my tips for today. If you liked the post please share and hit that like button. Ohh and have a great day!!!

Here is a link to some weighted wrist/ ankle bands for your walking it will kick up the amount of calories that you are burning and give you some strength in them chicken legss. Click Here

Author: Secret Cupid

Just a regular guy trying to make share some information that I have learned.

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