Picking a gym

Maybe you are new to a fit life or want to try going to a Gym here are some of the things that I think you should look for to point you in the right direction.


Location is something that is key to your search because what is the point of a gym that you can never get to. In my search I found something that was close to home so I could hit it on the weekends when I wasn’t out at work but it a good location from where I work so that after or before work I could get in a session if I choose.

Whats in the gym?

Another important thing is to see what is in the gym you are looking to join. Most gyms give a tour and you can check out what they have. If you are not looking to be a boxer you shouldn’t go joining a boxing gym it probably doesn’t have everything you would be looking for. Now in my experience I also look at things  that I can live without.

A lot of gyms have added things like saunas and tanning beds. You need to evaluate what you are looking for in a gym. If you are someone who doesn’t tan or isn’t going to get in the sauna why pay for a membership where you don’t use what they offer. To many times people get caught up in everything that there is that they don’t actually see what they need to reach their goals. So make a chart and evaluate what you can and can’t live without.


Now this is probably the one key element I can stress with you. Don’t be gym broke! you should choose to get a membership where it isn’t going to break the bank. You need to settle with yourself you aren’t most likely a world-class athlete so do you need to go to the gym with tons of machines and weights you may never use? Something that hits home with me is the cost per day for going to the gym from your membership. I have gone to the gym 7 out of 7 days where I am pretty sure the gyms losing money on me and skipped months in college. Make sure that your membership isn’t so expensive you can never take a vacation from it.

Lastly watch out for those long-term contracts they can bite you in the butt.

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Author: Secret Cupid

Just a regular guy trying to make share some information that I have learned.

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