Arm Assault

Well it has been a few weeks so figured its time to switch it up with a new arm workout. Here is a new routine that will hopefully let you tell people the beach is this way with a great big arm.

Heavy Ropes: You may or may not have heavy ropes at your gym but if you do I suggest you use them. This is a great warm up start with minute long intervals up to 4 sets to warm your arms up. (if you don’t have the ropes jump rope)

Overhead cable Tris– 4x 15 This is kind of like the standard cable tri pull down just over your head. make sure to not jerk the weight down and let it carry you backwords to the weight stack. Plant your feet one ahead of the other leaning a little forward an extend your arms.

Hammer curls– 4×10 I love hammer curls they really give you a good pump. Remember to not to just fling your arms up nice controlled curl the weight up and let it back down to your side with palms in.

Triceps arm extensions– 4×12  this is kind of like doing a leaned over row. Bend at the waist using a bench to support you with your arm closest to the bench pick up a dumbbell. you’re going to want to hold the dumbbell at a 90 degree angle and just extend your arm till it is straight.

Incline dumbbell curls – 4 x 8  lay on an inclined bench with dumbbells hanging on your side, curling one at a time bring the weight all the way up and then let it back down till they are just hanging.

Close grip benching– 4x 10 this is a good way to add weight to your regular bench. Hold the bar in real close and just bench like normal keeping your elbows in.

Reverse Grip curls– 4×12 this exercise will work you differently and all you have to do is turn palms around so they are facing away from you and curl. This exersize will help you with some wrist strength and help them puppies pop.

Well that is it for today for a short workout I hope you liked what you read. IF you did hit that old like button and share with your friends.

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Author: Secret Cupid

Just a regular guy trying to make share some information that I have learned.

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