Chest/ back City

Since I have been doing the other body groups I figured I should do a new chest workout to the mix. Here is a switch up that should get those muscles growing.

Pushups 4×10- that’s right going old school to gym class to warm up with some push ups. Take your chest to the ground keeping a straight back and pop back up. This should get you warmed up for the rest.

Incline Bench – 4×8 Your going to want to pack on some weight on the bar for this one. take that bar like we talked about and touch it on your chest and back up. Do not bounce the bar off your chest just a nice tap.

Flat Bench– 4×8 Same as the incline you are going to want to touch and go controlled with not bouncing. Also keep your back flat don’t try arching to throw the weight up your not a power lifter.

Decline Bench– 4×10 Same as the last ones but you don’t really need to worry about arching due to how you are laying. Just make sure to control the weight the best you can and work it nice and slow.

Pec Deck 4×12- Time to put your pecs to bed with some pec deck. make sure you are going all the way in both directions. When you get to the top of the workout try to squeeze your chest together to really give you that pump.

Seated Rows 4×10 – Keep that back straight and pull in towards you, should feel this all in your back. It’s OK to slightly lean back but trying to isolate you’re not going to want to be moving all around with this.


Lat pull downs 4×10 – Now this being your last exercise you are going to want to kill it before you go home. Make sure the weight isn’t too much where it is going to be lifting you up to much and you can’t get all your reps done.

Well that is it for this updated workout I think you will like the results. Stay focused and eye on the prize and it will all come to you. If you liked the post hit that like button and share with your friends.


Here are some wrist wraps I noticed when benching sometimes your wrists needed some extra support when starting out. Click Here


Author: Secret Cupid

Just a regular guy trying to make share some information that I have learned.

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