Getting Back in The Flow

So maybe your starting out or you were like me the past month and barely made it to the gym. There is no shame in doing this we all have lives and get side tracked its just important to make sure you can get back  in the grind and stay focused. Here is how I get my self back where I need to be.

If you are climbing back into a daily ritual of going to the gym something to consider is easing back into it. I have noticed with myself and others if you jump right back in after a bit of time off from the gym you will over do it. The thing that I suggest is to start out slow and not spend so much time at the gym. When you get used to doing all these extra things that you couldn’t do when you are exercising all the time you think about them when you are at the gym. By cutting down on the amount of time you are there you give yourself time to do some of those other things where you wont be just skipping to do them.

Another good thing to try is to go easy with what you are doing for your workout. Something I have done now and in the past is lower the weight and crank up the reps. When you are out of the gym for a period of time you tend to lose your endurance and get tired quicker. By working on higher reps you are conditioning your body to get used to doing the exercises you love. This way of working into it also helps you in recovery so you aren’t too sore to workout the next day.

Well that is it for this small post for today. I hope you liked it and hit that like button and share with your friends.

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Author: Secret Cupid

Just a regular guy trying to make share some information that I have learned.

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