Stick to Form

So I am sure in your fitness journey you have read about weight lifting and different kinds of exercises that can be performed. The key to these exercises that isn’t always stressed upon or talked about is the importance of good form. Keeping good form is when you can perform the exercise without compromising how the exercise is suppose to be done. Kind of like a machine doing the same thing over and over the same way every time that is more or less the concept.


For example when performing a bicep curl the object is to  isolate the muscle moving the weight to your bicep. This seems to be the most common issue I see daily in the gym where people are rocking back and forth doing whatever it takes to get the weight to the up position. This is not going to get you the results that you want and take longer for any kind of goal.


By keeping your body from moving at all and just your arms doing the work you will feel the burn in your biceps and reduce the risk of injury and you will get the most out of your work out. There are many exercises such as curls that people sacrifice with cheating moves that have more adverse effects but that’s for another blog.


Things to note:

  • If your form is off the amount of weight you are trying to lift doesn’t matter
  • You can’t have an ego going into the gym pick a weight that is right for you. Doing less weight doesn’t make you a wimp everyone starts somewhere.
  • Make sure when looking how to perform an exercise you are looking at a reputable source. Just because somebody is big or has a youtube channel doesn’t mean they are correctly doing an exercise there are a lot of people that have gotten results from doing the wrong things for a long time so use your best judgment.
  • And finally just be smart about what you are doing and have fun

First blog post

Hello reader this is the very first post on my blog that will hopefully help with peoples fitness journeys

Hello reader this is the very first post on my blog that will hopefully help with peoples fitness journeys. I am your average night time/ weekend warrior looking at achieving and keeping an overall state of health. I am always reading, researching, and talking with others trying to further my knowledge.

I am starting this Blog because some of the information that I have found or learned isn’t always the easiest to find. Also I never have been trained by a personal trainer because I think it is a waste of money due to fitness being a personal journey but that is for another time. I hope you enjoy what I have to say.