Work Out Videos

So you may be looking at taking an alternate to getting in the gym or what not and want to follow a work out video. Here are a few that I have tried and a little once over to give you an idea what to expect.


P90 X is a great tool to get fit. I have used this video program and I have to say it works great. It may take you a few times doing these videos to get all the moves down and make sure you’re doing everything right but it will happen. You will need some minor weights to perform some of the exercises but for the most part you will be fine with just your body. Check it out Here


This one is a tough one and will make you rethink ever popping it in the DVD slot but it is worth it. I used this one a few times but never got to into because I didn’t have a ton of space to move around. If you want crazy results and are going to stick with a video workout I would choose this one every time. Bonus to this one is you only need yourself and the TV to get it done getting that full body burn. Helpful reminder though to make sure you have a towel handy because you are gonna need it. Check it out Here

Body Beast

This program I would like to say is very good for what I tried but has its downfalls. From what I did of body beast I got a good burn from doing it and there were a lot of good exercises to do. The bummer was that for some of these videos you needed more equipment then you would think. Sure you can do the modified workout but watching what they are doing on the TV and what you are able to actually do at home was kind of bummer.  Check it out Here


All together these are some great video programs each with a different approach to get the desired results. The most important thing to remember is the only bad workout is the one you don’t do.

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