Don’t Drink to Much

Its Saturday night and this is your reminder not to drink too much alcohol! I myself have gone down this rabbit hole and derailed my fitness progress. Here are a few reasons why to make you keep this idea in the back of your head.

One reason you don’t want to be drinking too much alcohol is it is all empty calories. When people talk about empty calories they mean food or drink that doesn’t give you nutrients. By you drinking this alcohol it is just added to your caloric intake and it sits there. If you are keeping a pretty strict diet this could throw you over for the day after having a few beers. But this doesn’t just stop with the beer calories, the problem gets worse over the course of the night. The more you drink you get hungry now and that basket of wings or mozzarella sticks is looking pretty good right now. These are more empty calories that keep piling up and next thing you know you are on a huge caloric overload and the day is shot.

Another reason to try to avoid too much alcohol while trying to stay fit is testosterone. Testosterone levels are killed by alcohol and deletes muscle growth. As you well know testosterone is the key hormone that helps you build muscle and without having the peak amount you will not have your full potential.

Lastly if you drink too much and do not complement your alcohol with water your going to have a pretty bad hang over. Learn from my past mistakes and make sure to be drinking plenty of water before the end of the night. waking up with a huge hangover kills an entire day you could be at the gym or out doing something active with your day.

Well that’s it for today’s little bit of advice I hope everybody has a great day! If you liked please share with your friends and hit that like button.

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Where to buy Supplements

Well if you are into fitness or lifting you probably are taking some kind of supplements such as protein powder. But where are you getting it from? Or maybe you are brand new to the game and trying to find some. Here is my short list of places that work for me

GNC – stores or online

Yes it may be old-fashioned going to an actual store but you can get supplements you are looking for that day and talk to an associate about products. The thing I like about going to GNC is the human interaction that you can’t get from shopping online. IT also gives somebody a job.  The negative these people aren’t all really that knowledgeable and get commission on certain products they sell so be leery about the best stuff they are trying to push.

Now I used this site a lot when I first started taking some supplements. IF you haven’t been on this site I recommend it. They have forums (you may stop reading my blog) workout plans, and sell products. You can do some of the research you need to do on products right there and they have many reviews on all products. The more you buy the more they throw in free stuff and it comes in pretty quick.


If you want my top shopping place for supplements it has turned into Amazon. A buddy of mine turned me on to Amazon for supplements due to shipping costs. He explained about most of the things I was buying on say were all on Amazon and I had prime so I didn’t have to pay for shipping. This isn’t really about physical gains but gains to your wallet. If you already have an Amazon prime account why not use it.


Well that is it for a quick post for me I hope you liked it and get what you are looking for. As it says on the bottles or containers talk to your doctor if you are doing some serious supplementing because you could end up hurting your body. But hit the old share button and let your friends know.

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The Cheat Day

So it is Sunday and you have read a ton of articles about letting yourself have that one cheat day so you don’t all out fall back into your old habits. You like most people picked Sunday for reason such as football get together s or whatever. But I would like to share an alternate view-point to this way of thinking.

Everyone is afraid of slipping back into who they used to be before they chose a healthier lifestyle. Don’t get me wrong not everyone is thinking about it as much has us people who used to be the “fat kid” but they think about it. What I would like to propose is instead of a cheat day you cheat a little every day.

By cheating a little every day you don’t have this blow out where you totally over do it more than you should. I have tried the one day a week think and next thing you know you are having another cheat day a few weeks in telling yourself you will be back on track tomorrow. By cheating a little everyday by say getting that excessive calorie drink that you like it can prevent a huge slide. The little incentive every day is your little reprieve from cleaner eating that helps you stay on track.

So eat that bowl of ice cream once a day and enjoy your life before cheat day become every day. That’s all for me for today, if you enjoyed this please share with your friends.

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