Picking a gym

Maybe you are new to a fit life or want to try going to a Gym here are some of the things that I think you should look for to point you in the right direction.


Location is something that is key to your search because what is the point of a gym that you can never get to. In my search I found something that was close to home so I could hit it on the weekends when I wasn’t out at work but it a good location from where I work so that after or before work I could get in a session if I choose.

Whats in the gym?

Another important thing is to see what is in the gym you are looking to join. Most gyms give a tour and you can check out what they have. If you are not looking to be a boxer you shouldn’t go joining a boxing gym it probably doesn’t have everything you would be looking for. Now in my experience I also look at things  that I can live without.

A lot of gyms have added things like saunas and tanning beds. You need to evaluate what you are looking for in a gym. If you are someone who doesn’t tan or isn’t going to get in the sauna why pay for a membership where you don’t use what they offer. To many times people get caught up in everything that there is that they don’t actually see what they need to reach their goals. So make a chart and evaluate what you can and can’t live without.


Now this is probably the one key element I can stress with you. Don’t be gym broke! you should choose to get a membership where it isn’t going to break the bank. You need to settle with yourself you aren’t most likely a world-class athlete so do you need to go to the gym with tons of machines and weights you may never use? Something that hits home with me is the cost per day for going to the gym from your membership. I have gone to the gym 7 out of 7 days where I am pretty sure the gyms losing money on me and skipped months in college. Make sure that your membership isn’t so expensive you can never take a vacation from it.

Lastly watch out for those long-term contracts they can bite you in the butt.

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Workout Switch up

There are many ways to switch up workouts to make it less of a workout and more of a fun challenge. Take for instance all the people who became obsessed with being a Ninja warrior. They have a goal to reach their buzzer but are pushing themselves to be in peak physical performance in a different way. Here are a few different activities that I use when I need to switch it up.

Cinder block throw

So a buddy of mine and I became obsessed at some point with wanting to train for one of these obstacle courses you see advertised everywhere. One thing that you need is decent arm straight a way we learned to gain that was by tying a rope to a cinder block and throwing it as far as we could. After throwing the block we would use the rope to pull it back to you and repeat. The crazy thing is after doing this for weeks on end you get a crazy grip from pulling the rope but also build some decent guns from flinging a concrete block around.

Rock Carry/ toss

With the same concept as the block throwing we had to add some cardio. So what we ended up doing was running down to the crick and picking the biggest rock we could carry to start. This rock then we would carry for so far and then throw it. Where the lock rolled to we would have to walks and pick it up. You feel this one in your core from constantly bending over and picking up the rock but it also gets those legs moving.

Tire flip

Last but not least the tire flip. I remember reading somewhere the crazy abs that those guys in three hundred had were developed by tire flipping. Tire flipping is actually an art if you do your research and have a big enough tire. There are different moves involved with picking up the tire and trying to flip it over. All I know is in the heat and the flipping you tend to burn a lot of calories and sweat your booty off.

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Don’t Drink to Much

Its Saturday night and this is your reminder not to drink too much alcohol! I myself have gone down this rabbit hole and derailed my fitness progress. Here are a few reasons why to make you keep this idea in the back of your head.

One reason you don’t want to be drinking too much alcohol is it is all empty calories. When people talk about empty calories they mean food or drink that doesn’t give you nutrients. By you drinking this alcohol it is just added to your caloric intake and it sits there. If you are keeping a pretty strict diet this could throw you over for the day after having a few beers. But this doesn’t just stop with the beer calories, the problem gets worse over the course of the night. The more you drink you get hungry now and that basket of wings or mozzarella sticks is looking pretty good right now. These are more empty calories that keep piling up and next thing you know you are on a huge caloric overload and the day is shot.

Another reason to try to avoid too much alcohol while trying to stay fit is testosterone. Testosterone levels are killed by alcohol and deletes muscle growth. As you well know testosterone is the key hormone that helps you build muscle and without having the peak amount you will not have your full potential.

Lastly if you drink too much and do not complement your alcohol with water your going to have a pretty bad hang over. Learn from my past mistakes and make sure to be drinking plenty of water before the end of the night. waking up with a huge hangover kills an entire day you could be at the gym or out doing something active with your day.

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Where to buy Supplements

Well if you are into fitness or lifting you probably are taking some kind of supplements such as protein powder. But where are you getting it from? Or maybe you are brand new to the game and trying to find some. Here is my short list of places that work for me

GNC – stores or online

Yes it may be old-fashioned going to an actual store but you can get supplements you are looking for that day and talk to an associate about products. The thing I like about going to GNC is the human interaction that you can’t get from shopping online. IT also gives somebody a job.  The negative these people aren’t all really that knowledgeable and get commission on certain products they sell so be leery about the best stuff they are trying to push.


Now I used this site a lot when I first started taking some supplements. IF you haven’t been on this site I recommend it. They have forums (you may stop reading my blog) workout plans, and sell products. You can do some of the research you need to do on products right there and they have many reviews on all products. The more you buy the more they throw in free stuff and it comes in pretty quick.


If you want my top shopping place for supplements it has turned into Amazon. A buddy of mine turned me on to Amazon for supplements due to shipping costs. He explained about most of the things I was buying on say Bodybuilding.com were all on Amazon and I had prime so I didn’t have to pay for shipping. This isn’t really about physical gains but gains to your wallet. If you already have an Amazon prime account why not use it.


Well that is it for a quick post for me I hope you liked it and get what you are looking for. As it says on the bottles or containers talk to your doctor if you are doing some serious supplementing because you could end up hurting your body. But hit the old share button and let your friends know.

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Right to bear Arms

So today we are going to dive into an arm workout so you can get those little garden snakes into some pythons.

So arms like talked in previous posts grow when everything else is starting to take shape but you still need to give them a work out. I like arm day because its pretty straight forward and you can feel like a king afterword.

Cable push downs 4×15– I like to start with some cable push downs to get the arms warmed up. Key is to pick a weight where you can get all the reps out but make sure you are keeping form. You should be trying not to go less than a 90 degree angle while repping this will keep the muscle active during the entire exercise and isolate your movement.

One Arm Cable curls 4×10– I like to do the cable curls with one arm getting isolation on the bicep. The key tho is to make sure your not rocking like with all curls.

Skull crushers 4×8– I try to go lower reps with a bit higher weight so I can try and get some girth on my arms. make sure to keep your elbows in and actually touch down on your forehead. (they call them skull crushers for a reason, and it keeps you from crashing the weight around nice controlled reps)

Hammer curls 4×10– the key is trying to not go to heavy and to control your lift. I see to many people swinging their arms you want to control the weight going up and do these alternating. When you are done if you don’t feel the burn in your bicep you are doing this wrong.

Dips 4×10– you can do these hanging or with a machine. I prefer the machine because I can lift more than I weigh and its more controlled. I feel that sometime when lifting your own weight you do these too fast and you aren’t hitting the muscle how you should.

Preacher Curls 4×10– A key to this exercise is alternating your grips, every other set go close grip to a wide grip and it will hit the muscles different. Make sure your elbows stay on the pad and don’t be rocking your entire body back and form to get the weight up. The best practice is to go light to make sure your  form is spot on.

And that is it, there are many other exersizes that you can do. This is a good place to start and always remeber to not curl in the squat rackkk… IF you liked what you read share with friends.

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The shoulder plan

I have been told I have nice broad intimidating shoulders. Part of this is genetics and the body type part is the routine that I have come up with pulling things from all different sources to make something of my own.

Up Right rows 4×10– each set up the weight making sure your not thrusting your hips in to get the wight up. I like using the smith machine helps keep your form and you can very a bit drop the weight down and do single arms with no spinning dumbbells.

Military press 4×10– same thing here slowly add weight and do this in a chair so their aren’t as many moving parts

Shrugs 4×12- I like to shrug it out making sure you’re getting your shoulders nice and high like momma just asked you a question. The key is to make sure you aren’t throwing your shoulders up just exactly as the excercise says shrug. I also like to hold the last rep to give that sinking burning that gives your muscles that good burn.

Front lat raises 4×15– I like to do these with the cable set low so I am not tearing anything. These and sides put a lot of stress on the joint so make sure not to go all hulk and throw heavy weights up just to throw it up. Make sure to go nice and medium paced controlled raises.

Side lat raises 4×15– ditto

Rear dealt flys 4×10- The gym I go to has a peck deck that reverses  so you can do these on it, again I prefer this method due to the nature of mostly focusing on moving the weight not balancing and what not. But this can also be done by taking a moving back bench chair setting it on an angle laying with your chest on it with some dumbbells.

So that’s a basic shoulder work out that will help to build some killer shoulders and bulk you up top. If you are going heavy drop the number of reps to around 8 and keep pounding it out. You can always switch other exercises in to help keep your body guessing.

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Switching it up

A problem I see a lot of times is people doing the same things every single day at the gym. Here is my explanation why to keep it fresh.

So you have been going to the gym for a while and you have your work out down. Same thing today and tomorrow pick up this dumbbell run for 10 minutes it’s all good. But wait? Why am I not seeing a significant change in my physical form? There could be multiple reason why you are not seeing results but a main contributor is doing the same thing over and over. But the main has to do with the same old boring routine.

The thing about the human body is that it is pretty adaptable and fights to be in a state of equilibrium.  By changing your workout every so often (aim for 2 to 4 weeks) you throw this equilibrium off making your body have to adapt. If you are trying to be stronger you add weight or more cardio for better lung capacity. At first it will be a struggle but your body will stay true and come out on top. So stop doing the same thing in and out every day and shake it up.

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