Water up

A key element of staying in shape that many people over look is the simplest of things, staying hydrated. When you work out you sweat and lose water out of your body and need to put it back in. Water makes up the majority of your body and if you are under hydrated you aren’t doing yourself any favors. Water helps you burn fat (cold water works the best) and can help you perform your next set as good as the last.

So next time you are grabbing for one of those sugary sports drinks or sodas grab a water instead! I am going to start blogging more consistently so share with your friends and get ready for the journey.

If you don’t have a water bottle here is a selection from Amazon



No phones at the Gym

If you are like me you like to get to the gym maybe answer a text or change songs¬† but keep moving around doing your routine. What I see happening a lot are these people who just sit down on a flat bench or on another piece of equipment for what seems like forever. This kind of behavior disrupts everyone’s flow and will give you a bad rap.

Yes everyone checks their phones, but sitting down and having a full conversation for a half an hour is just wrong. Nobody should want to be the one that is just sitting staring at a screen the whole point is to keep moving and get your heart rate up. If you have something important to do on your phone you should go sit in the locker room or somewhere out-of-the-way.

There is a guy like this at the gym that I attend and he causes all kinds of problems by just sitting in the way texting the whole time. Me and my gym buddies are constantly having to work around him to try to getting everything done.¬† It’s just down right rude and wont help you in your quest for health. So keep it light with the texts and heavy on the reps and keep moving forward.