International Chest Day

If you have been to the gym a bit you probably know that every Monday is international chest day at the gym. This is due to most work out plans starting their week off with a chest workout. I myself dodge all these people and hit the squat rack while nobody is around. But here is a basic chest and back workout for your Monday.

Flat Bench 4×10– Keys to flat benching are simple keep your back flat. Too many guys are arching like they are power lifting. If you are looking to build aesthetically and just focused on health don’t be playing around with this. Power lifters train to lift and are mostly concerned about just moving weight so keep the back flat bring the bar to your chest.

Seated Rows 4×8– again with this exercise you want to keep your back pretty straight and stay a little rigid. The key is to isolate your back so you get the most out of this, To many people sacrifice form and this ends up being an arm workout.

Incline bench 4×10– Keys are similar with the flat bench keep your back on the bench and bring the bar to your chest. See a lot of people move the bar about 2 inches then back up make sure to have a full range of motion and keep it light to get the reps.

Close grip pull downs 4×8– Key here is not to throw yourself back to just get the weight down. I witnessed a lot of people especially a buddy of mine do this, those are more of forced reps and they don’t really get you anywhere.

Pec Deck 4×12– I like using the pec deck compared to doing regular flys because it kind of helps you with form. Flys put a lot of stress on your joint and if you are screwing around can end up hurting you pretty bad.

T Bar rows 4×10– Key here is to keep a straight back and pull the weight to you. same as all the other back workouts when you start using momentum and jerk yourself back you are compromising form and will end up hurting yourself.

And that’s it a simple Monday workout to get your blood flowing. If you liked the post hit that like button and share with your friends.

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Setting the pace

Mondays are the start of the week and how you start sets the tone for the days to follow. Every Monday you need to make sure to hit it hard no matter what you are doing at the gym or other kind of physical activity that you are doing. Most of the battle with staying in decent physical condition is the battle in your head to just do what you need to do.

Everybody dreads a Monday because it signifies back to work or back to the old grind, but when it comes to reaching goals it doesn’t have to be that way. When you are trying to achieve something with your body you need to mentally prepare and be ready to seize the day. . You need to train your brain to look forward to going and crushing a workout with every fiber of your body starting on that Monday. By doing so you will be more motivate to get in the gym and pound out a solid work out with 110% and not dreading work or whatever else you have going on. And in turn this will spill on to the next day.

When you feel the success of your work out on that first day you will want to feel that again. This will lead to Tuesday and you having an intense work out then and so on and so forth. This all starts by you setting the tone feeling great and doing it over and over again.

But that is my tip for the day and I hope everybody had a good Monday and gets ready to conquer Tuesday. If you liked what you read hit a like and share with your friends.

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