Home Workout Equipment

You may thinking about getting some stuff so you can work out from home. I have put together here some things that I think work great for a practical home gym.


Something that you can use a lot are dumbbells. IF you are looking at getting some things to work out at home you should definitely consider picking up some dumbbells. You can use these for all kinds of different exercises for all different body parts and they are able to be stored under a bed or where ever you choose. The best part is you don’t need every single size of dumbbell. As you get stronger you can pick up bigger weights and add them to your collection and over time have a decent amount of weights. You can even get adjustable ones from Bow flex.

Resistance bands.

Like the dumbbells these are a must have for the person that is grabbing some home gym equipment. Resistance bands are probably more versatile than dumbbells and easier to store. I like these because you can mimic the moves that you would do with some of the machines at the gym. For instance I have a bar in my basement i throw my resistance band over it and I can now perform a tri push down just like the gym.

Jump Rope

I think a great item to have with your home work out equipment is a jump rope. For those of us that may not have the money or the space for a treadmill, jump rope gives us that ability to do some cardio. Jump ropes are relatively cheap and can easily be stored in a drawer alongside your resistance bands. You can even buy some weighted jump ropes to give you that extra umph to burn more calories.

Well that’s a quick short list of some things you may consider when buying home gym equipment. If you liked this post hit and like button and share with your friends.


Getting Back in The Flow

So maybe your starting out or you were like me the past month and barely made it to the gym. There is no shame in doing this we all have lives and get side tracked its just important to make sure you can get back  in the grind and stay focused. Here is how I get my self back where I need to be.

If you are climbing back into a daily ritual of going to the gym something to consider is easing back into it. I have noticed with myself and others if you jump right back in after a bit of time off from the gym you will over do it. The thing that I suggest is to start out slow and not spend so much time at the gym. When you get used to doing all these extra things that you couldn’t do when you are exercising all the time you think about them when you are at the gym. By cutting down on the amount of time you are there you give yourself time to do some of those other things where you wont be just skipping to do them.

Another good thing to try is to go easy with what you are doing for your workout. Something I have done now and in the past is lower the weight and crank up the reps. When you are out of the gym for a period of time you tend to lose your endurance and get tired quicker. By working on higher reps you are conditioning your body to get used to doing the exercises you love. This way of working into it also helps you in recovery so you aren’t too sore to workout the next day.

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Where to buy Supplements

Well if you are into fitness or lifting you probably are taking some kind of supplements such as protein powder. But where are you getting it from? Or maybe you are brand new to the game and trying to find some. Here is my short list of places that work for me

GNC – stores or online

Yes it may be old-fashioned going to an actual store but you can get supplements you are looking for that day and talk to an associate about products. The thing I like about going to GNC is the human interaction that you can’t get from shopping online. IT also gives somebody a job.  The negative these people aren’t all really that knowledgeable and get commission on certain products they sell so be leery about the best stuff they are trying to push.


Now I used this site a lot when I first started taking some supplements. IF you haven’t been on this site I recommend it. They have forums (you may stop reading my blog) workout plans, and sell products. You can do some of the research you need to do on products right there and they have many reviews on all products. The more you buy the more they throw in free stuff and it comes in pretty quick.


If you want my top shopping place for supplements it has turned into Amazon. A buddy of mine turned me on to Amazon for supplements due to shipping costs. He explained about most of the things I was buying on say Bodybuilding.com were all on Amazon and I had prime so I didn’t have to pay for shipping. This isn’t really about physical gains but gains to your wallet. If you already have an Amazon prime account why not use it.


Well that is it for a quick post for me I hope you liked it and get what you are looking for. As it says on the bottles or containers talk to your doctor if you are doing some serious supplementing because you could end up hurting your body. But hit the old share button and let your friends know.

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This post today is really quick but something that I have been stressing a lot in my posts doing the research, When I say do the Research on something I actually mean putting in the time and looking up something that is work out related and here is why.

A common thing that I have noticed in the gym world is many people just copy what other people do or hey my friend said to try this out. Well the thing you may not know is that guy and your friend may be butchering form or your friend giving you’re a supplement with harmful ingredients. By doing the research findings a few sources sporting the same information you should know you are on the right track.  I think to often we trust people like the ones we see in these work out videos without knowing for sure ourselves. You can grow big with years of bad form just you may get hurt in the process and do it quicker the right way.

A key example of this is a buddy of mine that I used to work with had this story of supplements that his buddy was giving him. He had just started working out with his friend that was playing college football and a life long lifter. His buddy gave him various pills or “vitamins” to take every day. My buddy ended up losing a ton of weight in a month and said he was throwing around some serious weight thinking he was King Kong. This was all until the day he read the bottle that his buddies had been giving him pills out of. What he had found was that he had been given steroids by his buddie and he not knowing what they were taken them. If he would have taken the time to read the bottle himself and dug deeper he would have known what he was getting himself into.

So dig in use your keyboards and find the truth out about whatever you need in the fitness world. This is one way to make sure you are getting the best information possible.

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