Couples Workout

Something I have noticed at the gym are a lot of couples that come together and have different ways of going about being at the gym. Some of these couples  work out together and some just meet back up together when it is time to leave. Here are some things I would like to say or suggest if you are thinking about going to the gym with someone special.

Out of the options of working out together or separately I think that needs to start with what you both are trying to accomplish with your time. Maybe you’re a runner while your other half is a power lifter we all have goals we all need to accomplish them our own way. But if you have the option of working out with your better half  I say go for it.

Working out with your better half is great for motivation being there with buddy is always great but someone you are intimately close with is another level. You know exactly what pushes the other persons buttons and what really gets them going. Seeing this person that is helping you be a fitter version of yourself can maybe help with diet. Another way of looking at it is you get to bond with the special person in your life another way and bring yourselves closer than you were before.

A negative that kind of bothers me is people who “Train” their significant others at the gym. Now when I say train I mean guide in workouts and by someone not entirely qualified to do so. I have seen many times these guys bringing their girlfriends to the gym and sort of fumble through it. If you are pretty known to working out or kind of unsure yourself don’t be trying to be an expert where you are not. Showing anyone especially your other half poor work out form can be harmful to their body. using bad form can cause injury and maybe permanent damage.

Lastly don’t be a show boater, to impress someone. You will look like a tool and if you can’t handle the couple extra 45 pound plates on a flat bench, don’t expect you 90 pound girlfriend to lift it off.

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Other Cardio

So unless you’re a person that has caught the running bug you probably don’t really enjoy cardio as much as you wish you did. So I came up with a very short list of things that give you a cardio workout but may not bore you as much as running.

Heavy Bag

Something I like to do is hit a heavy bag. If done correctly a heavy bag workout can burn as many calories as running or biking. The key to it is keep moving the point of a heavy bag is to simulate a fight without getting hit back.  Start out doing a 20 minute routine and trying different combos to see how you like it. So put up those mitts and knock them dead.

Jumping Rope

Jumping rope may bringing you back to your child hood a bit but it can be a good cardio workout. Speed ropes are fairly cheap and you can jump rope just about anywhere which is a cool bonus.  The key to getting a good cardio  workout out of jumping rope is not messing up and the time you do it. Start out trying 2 minute intervals up to 8 minutes, you won’t believe how sore your arms will get.


That is right I went there but it’s just because studies have shown that having sex can burn calories similar to running a mile. Keys to this one practicing safe sex with someone special but also making sure you’re the one doing the work. The best part about it is your having sex so you’re not thinking about running or whatever. Different way to look at it but hey can give you and your partner the exercise you needed.

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