Shoulder workout

This is the last updated workout day for a new weekly plan. I saved shoulders for last because it is my favorite day and I wanted to make sure that I put some thought into how to spice it up. I am going to keep the info on the keys or what not short to see if you followed the directions of my other posts. If you don’t know how to perform one of these exercises do your research and watch a few you tube videos. There are also phone apps that show you how to perform these. Doing them properly will help you grow way faster than those that don’t.

Even tho I said I wasn’t going to give you a real key with these make sure you watch your form in a mirror it will help you to see if you are raising the weight the same on each side of your body.

Arnold press- 4×10 –

Side lat raises 4×10- The key to get those real bubbly popps on your shoulders is going behind your lower back with the weight to start. Then forcing it up.

Front lat raise 4×10

Upright rows 4×8

Dumbbell Shrugs 4×10- on your last rep hold these for 10 Seconds.

That is it for this updated workout hope you like it. Stay focused and share these tips with your friends.

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The shoulder plan

I have been told I have nice broad intimidating shoulders. Part of this is genetics and the body type part is the routine that I have come up with pulling things from all different sources to make something of my own.

Up Right rows 4×10– each set up the weight making sure your not thrusting your hips in to get the wight up. I like using the smith machine helps keep your form and you can very a bit drop the weight down and do single arms with no spinning dumbbells.

Military press 4×10– same thing here slowly add weight and do this in a chair so their aren’t as many moving parts

Shrugs 4×12- I like to shrug it out making sure you’re getting your shoulders nice and high like momma just asked you a question. The key is to make sure you aren’t throwing your shoulders up just exactly as the excercise says shrug. I also like to hold the last rep to give that sinking burning that gives your muscles that good burn.

Front lat raises 4×15– I like to do these with the cable set low so I am not tearing anything. These and sides put a lot of stress on the joint so make sure not to go all hulk and throw heavy weights up just to throw it up. Make sure to go nice and medium paced controlled raises.

Side lat raises 4×15– ditto

Rear dealt flys 4×10-¬†The gym I go to has a peck deck that reverses¬† so you can do these on it, again I prefer this method due to the nature of mostly focusing on moving the weight not balancing and what not. But this can also be done by taking a moving back bench chair setting it on an angle laying with your chest on it with some dumbbells.

So that’s a basic shoulder work out that will help to build some killer shoulders and bulk you up top. If you are going heavy drop the number of reps to around 8 and keep pounding it out. You can always switch other exercises in to help keep your body guessing.

So please if you like what you read share with friends.

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