Home Workout Equipment

You may thinking about getting some stuff so you can work out from home. I have put together here some things that I think work great for a practical home gym.


Something that you can use a lot are dumbbells. IF you are looking at getting some things to work out at home you should definitely consider picking up some dumbbells. You can use these for all kinds of different exercises for all different body parts and they are able to be stored under a bed or where ever you choose. The best part is you don’t need every single size of dumbbell. As you get stronger you can pick up bigger weights and add them to your collection and over time have a decent amount of weights. You can even get adjustable ones from Bow flex.

Resistance bands.

Like the dumbbells these are a must have for the person that is grabbing some home gym equipment. Resistance bands are probably more versatile than dumbbells and easier to store. I like these because you can mimic the moves that you would do with some of the machines at the gym. For instance I have a bar in my basement i throw my resistance band over it and I can now perform a tri push down just like the gym.

Jump Rope

I think a great item to have with your home work out equipment is a jump rope. For those of us that may not have the money or the space for a treadmill, jump rope gives us that ability to do some cardio. Jump ropes are relatively cheap and can easily be stored in a drawer alongside your resistance bands. You can even buy some weighted jump ropes to give you that extra umph to burn more calories.

Well that’s a quick short list of some things you may consider when buying home gym equipment. If you liked this post hit and like button and share with your friends.


Making a Playlist

How many times have you been in the middle of a workout when you start fumbling through your phone looking for music? I know myself that I have been a culprit of this myself and there was a lot of wasted time where I could be focusing on the task at hand then messing around for the right jam. This is why I propose making a playlist.

Anything that you can do to up your productivity at the gym helps you get the most out of your time. By making a playlist you up your time moving and less time screwing around. I suggest taking the time one night after work and select music that pumps you up that will making you forget about even hitting skip on song. The key is to just keep you flowing through your workout and staying on the gain train.

So that is it for today’s short post so organize and stay on focused to keep moving in the right direction. If you liked the post hit that like button and share with your friends.


Benchmark Photos

We all have those times where we need extra motivation to get going to the gym and focusing on our diet. I think a great way to give you that extra push is to take a benchmark or before photo.

Taking a photo of your self now will help you see the progress that you can’t see every day in the mirror. The problem with seeing yourself every day is you don’t get to see the changes that are happening over time. By taking a photo today and then over time looking at it comparing how you look not you can get confidence that the sacrifice and work you are putting in every day is working. Another bonus to this is that you can look at where you started say out of shape and push yourself harder to make sure you drive yourself to not look like that again.The only thing to do is start snapping pics and start your journey.

When taking pictures I would suggest setting a set amount of time to take a picture like every two weeks or so. Two weeks is the time it usually takes for your body to get used to your workout so if you are switching it up every two weeks you will be forcing your body to change and also seeing these results. Something else you can do while taking these pictures is adding stats in with them. For example add what you weighed when you started or another value you would like to track and see how that changes over time.  Before you know it you will have a cool souvenir of your journey with yourself.

Well that is it for today’s post hope it got you thinking to get the motivation you need. If you liked the post hit that like button and share with your friends.

Here is a link to some cheap journals to keep your journey in Click Here

Chest/ back City

Since I have been doing the other body groups I figured I should do a new chest workout to the mix. Here is a switch up that should get those muscles growing.

Pushups 4×10- that’s right going old school to gym class to warm up with some push ups. Take your chest to the ground keeping a straight back and pop back up. This should get you warmed up for the rest.

Incline Bench – 4×8 Your going to want to pack on some weight on the bar for this one. take that bar like we talked about and touch it on your chest and back up. Do not bounce the bar off your chest just a nice tap.

Flat Bench– 4×8 Same as the incline you are going to want to touch and go controlled with not bouncing. Also keep your back flat don’t try arching to throw the weight up your not a power lifter.

Decline Bench– 4×10 Same as the last ones but you don’t really need to worry about arching due to how you are laying. Just make sure to control the weight the best you can and work it nice and slow.

Pec Deck 4×12- Time to put your pecs to bed with some pec deck. make sure you are going all the way in both directions. When you get to the top of the workout try to squeeze your chest together to really give you that pump.

Seated Rows 4×10 – Keep that back straight and pull in towards you, should feel this all in your back. It’s OK to slightly lean back but trying to isolate you’re not going to want to be moving all around with this.


Lat pull downs 4×10 – Now this being your last exercise you are going to want to kill it before you go home. Make sure the weight isn’t too much where it is going to be lifting you up to much and you can’t get all your reps done.

Well that is it for this updated workout I think you will like the results. Stay focused and eye on the prize and it will all come to you. If you liked the post hit that like button and share with your friends.


Here are some wrist wraps I noticed when benching sometimes your wrists needed some extra support when starting out. Click Here


Arm Assault

Well it has been a few weeks so figured its time to switch it up with a new arm workout. Here is a new routine that will hopefully let you tell people the beach is this way with a great big arm.

Heavy Ropes: You may or may not have heavy ropes at your gym but if you do I suggest you use them. This is a great warm up start with minute long intervals up to 4 sets to warm your arms up. (if you don’t have the ropes jump rope)

Overhead cable Tris– 4x 15 This is kind of like the standard cable tri pull down just over your head. make sure to not jerk the weight down and let it carry you backwords to the weight stack. Plant your feet one ahead of the other leaning a little forward an extend your arms.

Hammer curls– 4×10 I love hammer curls they really give you a good pump. Remember to not to just fling your arms up nice controlled curl the weight up and let it back down to your side with palms in.

Triceps arm extensions– 4×12  this is kind of like doing a leaned over row. Bend at the waist using a bench to support you with your arm closest to the bench pick up a dumbbell. you’re going to want to hold the dumbbell at a 90 degree angle and just extend your arm till it is straight.

Incline dumbbell curls – 4 x 8  lay on an inclined bench with dumbbells hanging on your side, curling one at a time bring the weight all the way up and then let it back down till they are just hanging.

Close grip benching– 4x 10 this is a good way to add weight to your regular bench. Hold the bar in real close and just bench like normal keeping your elbows in.

Reverse Grip curls– 4×12 this exercise will work you differently and all you have to do is turn palms around so they are facing away from you and curl. This exersize will help you with some wrist strength and help them puppies pop.

Well that is it for today for a short workout I hope you liked what you read. IF you did hit that old like button and share with your friends.

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Couples Workout

Something I have noticed at the gym are a lot of couples that come together and have different ways of going about being at the gym. Some of these couples  work out together and some just meet back up together when it is time to leave. Here are some things I would like to say or suggest if you are thinking about going to the gym with someone special.

Out of the options of working out together or separately I think that needs to start with what you both are trying to accomplish with your time. Maybe you’re a runner while your other half is a power lifter we all have goals we all need to accomplish them our own way. But if you have the option of working out with your better half  I say go for it.

Working out with your better half is great for motivation being there with buddy is always great but someone you are intimately close with is another level. You know exactly what pushes the other persons buttons and what really gets them going. Seeing this person that is helping you be a fitter version of yourself can maybe help with diet. Another way of looking at it is you get to bond with the special person in your life another way and bring yourselves closer than you were before.

A negative that kind of bothers me is people who “Train” their significant others at the gym. Now when I say train I mean guide in workouts and by someone not entirely qualified to do so. I have seen many times these guys bringing their girlfriends to the gym and sort of fumble through it. If you are pretty known to working out or kind of unsure yourself don’t be trying to be an expert where you are not. Showing anyone especially your other half poor work out form can be harmful to their body. using bad form can cause injury and maybe permanent damage.

Lastly don’t be a show boater, to impress someone. You will look like a tool and if you can’t handle the couple extra 45 pound plates on a flat bench, don’t expect you 90 pound girlfriend to lift it off.

Well that is it for my rambling for today Hope you liked the post if you did hit that like button and share with your friends.

Here are some couples themed gym shirts to wear with your other half Click Here

Gym Shower Supplies

This post is partially due to all the smelly dudes you may work with or see at the gym. I can’t tell you how many guys I see just change into a polo and slacks and walk out the gym locker room. So here is a quick once over of things that will help you get in and out and off to work smelling like a rose.

Flip Flops

Flip flops or some kind of water shoe is a must when taking the shower at the gym. Being a shower that the general public uses you don’t know what people happen to be washing off themselves in there. Some people could have diseases that can be picked up from your feet like Athletes foot so it is good to wear something to protect yourself. Here is a link to some that can help you Click Here


Wash cloth or loofah

It is good to have something to lather some soap to get your body clean at the gym or not. to help your self with speed you should get one just to take with your gym stuff so you always have one. Making sure you hit all the spots that hold odor like your arm pits is one way to avoid not being the smelly person at work. Here are some cheap loofahs to get you started Click Here

2 in 1 body Wash

One way to keep down on what you are carrying into the gym is to get a good body wash that is also shampoo. I find this helps when walking from your locker to the shower so you don’t have to worry about dropping anything. The best part is they have these in sport scents that seem to be real strong to give you that smell of clean all day. Here are some options to look for (sorry ladies doesn’t seem they make a female flavor) Click Here


Last but not least get yourself a good gym towel so you can dry off. I prefer a big fluffy towel because at the gym seems like you are rushing a lot and having a thin wimpy towel makes it harder to get dry. Also helps if the towel is a good size for those that try to stay modest around the locker room. Here is a link to help you grab a warm fluffy towel to get you started Click Here

Something that would also be in handy to bring would be a plastic bag or to buy a bag with a wet area. You need to have somewhere to put your wet towel and you don’t want to have everything get wet and begin to mildew.

Well that is a list of some things that will help you not be the smelly person for a quick shower at the gym. If you liked hit that like button and share with your friends and stay fresh!