No Skip day

If you are a regular gym goer you have probably heard the saying friends don’t let friends skip leg day. This is due to the fact that so many people work around not working out their legs. Last time I was at the mall I saw this guy with this giant build walking around like king kong. The funny thing is when his legs came visible you could tell he did know what a squat was. Take it from me don’t be that person that doesn’t work out every part of your body because you are letting down your body and from an aesthetic stand point you will look kinda silly.

So I here is a basic leg workout to change them chicken legs into a nice beefy foundation.

Squats 4×10= This is the big daddy=o of them all work out. The key to squatting is simple squat down like your taking a poop in the woods. (what the old football coach would say) You want to go down till you at least hit 90 degrees then pop back up. Also while you do this be careful because if you lose your balance you can get seriously hurt or hurt someone else.

Leg press 4×12– the key to leg press is same as squatting bring the weight down till you hit 90 degree and then punch the weight back up. The problem most people face is their butt coming off the seat to push the weight up. Your going to want to not cheat on this and use the side handles to keep your butt planted and use all leg power to get the weight back up.

Leg curl 4×12– When doing leg curls the most important thing is to not flop your legs down after you raise the weight. Control is important all the way through¬† till you are back at the starting position.

Leg extension 4×12-Same as the curls you want to control the weight all the way up and all the way down. If you haven’t noticed there is a common them with lifting and a lot of it is controlling the weight. anybody can just throw weights around but to harness it and use it to get the best results is more of a challenge.

Calf raises 4×15– This exercise can be performed on a machine or by using weight to hold you down and raise your calfs up. The easiest way to think of this exercise is tippy toes you want to get on the ball of your feet and raise as high as you can and then back down to touch your heel.

Well that’s a basic as it comes leg work out to start out. If you liked what you read hit that old like button and share with your friends.

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Switching it up

A problem I see a lot of times is people doing the same things every single day at the gym. Here is my explanation why to keep it fresh.

So you have been going to the gym for a while and you have your work out down. Same thing today and tomorrow pick up this dumbbell run for 10 minutes it’s all good. But wait? Why am I not seeing a significant change in my physical form? There could be multiple reason why you are not seeing results but a main contributor is doing the same thing over and over. But the main has to do with the same old boring routine.

The thing about the human body is that it is pretty adaptable and fights to be in a state of equilibrium.  By changing your workout every so often (aim for 2 to 4 weeks) you throw this equilibrium off making your body have to adapt. If you are trying to be stronger you add weight or more cardio for better lung capacity. At first it will be a struggle but your body will stay true and come out on top. So stop doing the same thing in and out every day and shake it up.

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Small Arms

You may be a person that lifts on a regular basis and wonder why your arms haven’t really sprouted into nice big tree trunks. Here is my quick once over that could help you keep up in the arms race.

Bad Form

If you have been working out for a decent length of time and you are not seeing any improvements I bet your form is bad. Why do I jump to that conclusion? Because I have seen it first hand at the gym. many people show up and grasp the fixed barbel at 60 or 70 pounds walk to an open area and try to curl it. Sure they may get it up but their form is horrible they are rocking to get it up and it and just struggle. I have even seen guys pack weight on and try to preacher curl and their ass comes off the seat to counter their weight to get it up. By compromising form and in this case actually working the muscle you are not getting anywhere and are working the muscle like you should. By fixing your form your biceps should grow ten fold to what they are doing now.

My advice if you notice this is your problem is take the same weight you openly just curl walk over to the wall lean up against it and try to curl it. The wall will make sure you are not rocking and help make sure your arms do all the work. I watch guys stare at me as I do this and curl way more than they can rocking (which I don’t always do weight wise). I have read multiple articles of pro lifters that don’t even curl higher than 35-40 to make sure their form is on point. This shows how precise the form for your arms needs to be. Also stop following form off any old work out video a lot of the pros rocking are preloading or like a warm up set where they go real heavy before their work out. Some may even just be showing off and just some Youtube muscle head that doesn’t know better. (do your research)


So the label may be off on this section but something you need to know about muscle growth on your arms is that it requires your other muscles to do so. I am not totally sure the science behind it but in one of the various magazines piled up in the corner I have is an article talking about getting big arms. In this article the lifter talks about how you need to grow every other main muscle group to grow big arms, By doing so your arms will follow. So by putting in the time on your entire body and not just trying to make some nice eye candy for the ladies you can build a physic you can be proud of.


Well folks that’s my two cents on that topic and kinda ran outta gas, If you liked hit the old like button and share with your friends.


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