Home Workout Equipment

You may thinking about getting some stuff so you can work out from home. I have put together here some things that I think work great for a practical home gym.


Something that you can use a lot are dumbbells. IF you are looking at getting some things to work out at home you should definitely consider picking up some dumbbells. You can use these for all kinds of different exercises for all different body parts and they are able to be stored under a bed or where ever you choose. The best part is you don’t need every single size of dumbbell. As you get stronger you can pick up bigger weights and add them to your collection and over time have a decent amount of weights. You can even get adjustable ones from Bow flex.

Resistance bands.

Like the dumbbells these are a must have for the person that is grabbing some home gym equipment. Resistance bands are probably more versatile than dumbbells and easier to store. I like these because you can mimic the moves that you would do with some of the machines at the gym. For instance I have a bar in my basement i throw my resistance band over it and I can now perform a tri push down just like the gym.

Jump Rope

I think a great item to have with your home work out equipment is a jump rope. For those of us that may not have the money or the space for a treadmill, jump rope gives us that ability to do some cardio. Jump ropes are relatively cheap and can easily be stored in a drawer alongside your resistance bands. You can even buy some weighted jump ropes to give you that extra umph to burn more calories.

Well that’s a quick short list of some things you may consider when buying home gym equipment. If you liked this post hit and like button and share with your friends.


Making a Playlist

How many times have you been in the middle of a workout when you start fumbling through your phone looking for music? I know myself that I have been a culprit of this myself and there was a lot of wasted time where I could be focusing on the task at hand then messing around for the right jam. This is why I propose making a playlist.

Anything that you can do to up your productivity at the gym helps you get the most out of your time. By making a playlist you up your time moving and less time screwing around. I suggest taking the time one night after work and select music that pumps you up that will making you forget about even hitting skip on song. The key is to just keep you flowing through your workout and staying on the gain train.

So that is it for today’s short post so organize and stay on focused to keep moving in the right direction. If you liked the post hit that like button and share with your friends.


Getting Back in The Flow

So maybe your starting out or you were like me the past month and barely made it to the gym. There is no shame in doing this we all have lives and get side tracked its just important to make sure you can get back  in the grind and stay focused. Here is how I get my self back where I need to be.

If you are climbing back into a daily ritual of going to the gym something to consider is easing back into it. I have noticed with myself and others if you jump right back in after a bit of time off from the gym you will over do it. The thing that I suggest is to start out slow and not spend so much time at the gym. When you get used to doing all these extra things that you couldn’t do when you are exercising all the time you think about them when you are at the gym. By cutting down on the amount of time you are there you give yourself time to do some of those other things where you wont be just skipping to do them.

Another good thing to try is to go easy with what you are doing for your workout. Something I have done now and in the past is lower the weight and crank up the reps. When you are out of the gym for a period of time you tend to lose your endurance and get tired quicker. By working on higher reps you are conditioning your body to get used to doing the exercises you love. This way of working into it also helps you in recovery so you aren’t too sore to workout the next day.

Well that is it for this small post for today. I hope you liked it and hit that like button and share with your friends.

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Benchmark Photos

We all have those times where we need extra motivation to get going to the gym and focusing on our diet. I think a great way to give you that extra push is to take a benchmark or before photo.

Taking a photo of your self now will help you see the progress that you can’t see every day in the mirror. The problem with seeing yourself every day is you don’t get to see the changes that are happening over time. By taking a photo today and then over time looking at it comparing how you look not you can get confidence that the sacrifice and work you are putting in every day is working. Another bonus to this is that you can look at where you started say out of shape and push yourself harder to make sure you drive yourself to not look like that again.The only thing to do is start snapping pics and start your journey.

When taking pictures I would suggest setting a set amount of time to take a picture like every two weeks or so. Two weeks is the time it usually takes for your body to get used to your workout so if you are switching it up every two weeks you will be forcing your body to change and also seeing these results. Something else you can do while taking these pictures is adding stats in with them. For example add what you weighed when you started or another value you would like to track and see how that changes over time.  Before you know it you will have a cool souvenir of your journey with yourself.

Well that is it for today’s post hope it got you thinking to get the motivation you need. If you liked the post hit that like button and share with your friends.

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Shoulder workout

This is the last updated workout day for a new weekly plan. I saved shoulders for last because it is my favorite day and I wanted to make sure that I put some thought into how to spice it up. I am going to keep the info on the keys or what not short to see if you followed the directions of my other posts. If you don’t know how to perform one of these exercises do your research and watch a few you tube videos. There are also phone apps that show you how to perform these. Doing them properly will help you grow way faster than those that don’t.

Even tho I said I wasn’t going to give you a real key with these make sure you watch your form in a mirror it will help you to see if you are raising the weight the same on each side of your body.

Arnold press- 4×10 –

Side lat raises 4×10- The key to get those real bubbly popps on your shoulders is going behind your lower back with the weight to start. Then forcing it up.

Front lat raise 4×10

Upright rows 4×8

Dumbbell Shrugs 4×10- on your last rep hold these for 10 Seconds.

That is it for this updated workout hope you like it. Stay focused and share these tips with your friends.

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Chest/ back City

Since I have been doing the other body groups I figured I should do a new chest workout to the mix. Here is a switch up that should get those muscles growing.

Pushups 4×10- that’s right going old school to gym class to warm up with some push ups. Take your chest to the ground keeping a straight back and pop back up. This should get you warmed up for the rest.

Incline Bench – 4×8 Your going to want to pack on some weight on the bar for this one. take that bar like we talked about and touch it on your chest and back up. Do not bounce the bar off your chest just a nice tap.

Flat Bench– 4×8 Same as the incline you are going to want to touch and go controlled with not bouncing. Also keep your back flat don’t try arching to throw the weight up your not a power lifter.

Decline Bench– 4×10 Same as the last ones but you don’t really need to worry about arching due to how you are laying. Just make sure to control the weight the best you can and work it nice and slow.

Pec Deck 4×12- Time to put your pecs to bed with some pec deck. make sure you are going all the way in both directions. When you get to the top of the workout try to squeeze your chest together to really give you that pump.

Seated Rows 4×10 – Keep that back straight and pull in towards you, should feel this all in your back. It’s OK to slightly lean back but trying to isolate you’re not going to want to be moving all around with this.


Lat pull downs 4×10 – Now this being your last exercise you are going to want to kill it before you go home. Make sure the weight isn’t too much where it is going to be lifting you up to much and you can’t get all your reps done.

Well that is it for this updated workout I think you will like the results. Stay focused and eye on the prize and it will all come to you. If you liked the post hit that like button and share with your friends.


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Leg Train

Well the other day I put up a new arm workout so must be time to get those legs a new work out.

Stair stepper– 15 minutes put that stair stepper on a medium pace and get those legs nice and warmed up to lift some weight.

Squat 4×8- Pack on some decent weight making sure you get to at least 90 degrees with your legs. You want a nice tukus then you need to squat.

Front Squat 4×10 – same as regular squatting lower yourself to 90 and then pop back up. The key is how you hold the weight against your chest.

Leg Curls 4×15- Make sure you are controlling the weight in both directions. the slower you move the more muscle fibers you will tear which will help you grow bigger.

Walking Lunges– 4 sets of 20 feet. So with these walking lunges you are going to left leg right leg lunge forward. If you are no feeling this as you are doing it your most likely doing it wrong. Make sure to not use momentum and just your leg strength pull yourself up.

Body Weight squats 4×20- this is a good finish to a solid work out.  because you are doing these with just your body weight doesn’t mean you should fire them off fast because its lighter than the others. Use nice controlled movements and get real deep.

Well that is it for today addition of this blog. If you liked this workout hit the like button and share with your friends.

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