Setting the pace

Mondays are the start of the week and how you start sets the tone for the days to follow. Every Monday you need to make sure to hit it hard no matter what you are doing at the gym or other kind of physical activity that you are doing. Most of the battle with staying in decent physical condition is the battle in your head to just do what you need to do.

Everybody dreads a Monday because it signifies back to work or back to the old grind, but when it comes to reaching goals it doesn’t have to be that way. When you are trying to achieve something with your body you need to mentally prepare and be ready to seize the day. . You need to train your brain to look forward to going and crushing a workout with every fiber of your body starting on that Monday. By doing so you will be more motivate to get in the gym and pound out a solid work out with 110% and not dreading work or whatever else you have going on. And in turn this will spill on to the next day.

When you feel the success of your work out on that first day you will want to feel that again. This will lead to Tuesday and you having an intense work out then and so on and so forth. This all starts by you setting the tone feeling great and doing it over and over again.

But that is my tip for the day and I hope everybody had a good Monday and gets ready to conquer Tuesday. If you liked what you read hit a like and share with your friends.

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This post today is really quick but something that I have been stressing a lot in my posts doing the research, When I say do the Research on something I actually mean putting in the time and looking up something that is work out related and here is why.

A common thing that I have noticed in the gym world is many people just copy what other people do or hey my friend said to try this out. Well the thing you may not know is that guy and your friend may be butchering form or your friend giving you’re a supplement with harmful ingredients. By doing the research findings a few sources sporting the same information you should know you are on the right track.  I think to often we trust people like the ones we see in these work out videos without knowing for sure ourselves. You can grow big with years of bad form just you may get hurt in the process and do it quicker the right way.

A key example of this is a buddy of mine that I used to work with had this story of supplements that his buddy was giving him. He had just started working out with his friend that was playing college football and a life long lifter. His buddy gave him various pills or “vitamins” to take every day. My buddy ended up losing a ton of weight in a month and said he was throwing around some serious weight thinking he was King Kong. This was all until the day he read the bottle that his buddies had been giving him pills out of. What he had found was that he had been given steroids by his buddie and he not knowing what they were taken them. If he would have taken the time to read the bottle himself and dug deeper he would have known what he was getting himself into.

So dig in use your keyboards and find the truth out about whatever you need in the fitness world. This is one way to make sure you are getting the best information possible.

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Small Arms

You may be a person that lifts on a regular basis and wonder why your arms haven’t really sprouted into nice big tree trunks. Here is my quick once over that could help you keep up in the arms race.

Bad Form

If you have been working out for a decent length of time and you are not seeing any improvements I bet your form is bad. Why do I jump to that conclusion? Because I have seen it first hand at the gym. many people show up and grasp the fixed barbel at 60 or 70 pounds walk to an open area and try to curl it. Sure they may get it up but their form is horrible they are rocking to get it up and it and just struggle. I have even seen guys pack weight on and try to preacher curl and their ass comes off the seat to counter their weight to get it up. By compromising form and in this case actually working the muscle you are not getting anywhere and are working the muscle like you should. By fixing your form your biceps should grow ten fold to what they are doing now.

My advice if you notice this is your problem is take the same weight you openly just curl walk over to the wall lean up against it and try to curl it. The wall will make sure you are not rocking and help make sure your arms do all the work. I watch guys stare at me as I do this and curl way more than they can rocking (which I don’t always do weight wise). I have read multiple articles of pro lifters that don’t even curl higher than 35-40 to make sure their form is on point. This shows how precise the form for your arms needs to be. Also stop following form off any old work out video a lot of the pros rocking are preloading or like a warm up set where they go real heavy before their work out. Some may even just be showing off and just some Youtube muscle head that doesn’t know better. (do your research)


So the label may be off on this section but something you need to know about muscle growth on your arms is that it requires your other muscles to do so. I am not totally sure the science behind it but in one of the various magazines piled up in the corner I have is an article talking about getting big arms. In this article the lifter talks about how you need to grow every other main muscle group to grow big arms, By doing so your arms will follow. So by putting in the time on your entire body and not just trying to make some nice eye candy for the ladies you can build a physic you can be proud of.


Well folks that’s my two cents on that topic and kinda ran outta gas, If you liked hit the old like button and share with your friends.


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Things not to do

Hey reader here is a short list of things not to do at the gym:


Bring a Coffee

So you’re a little tired in the morning but still want to get your workout in I get it but don’t bring your fast java place coffee to the gym. I have seen a few people do this carry around a hot cup of joe slurping on it like they are in the mall. Look, you’re at the gym to get it done and pound out a work out not gracefully walk around with a cup of coffee. The coffee container is likely to tip over and create a mess let alone you could burn somebody so use your head. (could always put it in a shaker) And if you’re not drinking it black all that added garbage prolly isn’t helping your lift….


Wearing work gloves

Ok we get it you saved some money and got leather work gloves instead of lifting gloves. To help you out why don’t you man up and bare hand it like the rest of us. Every serious lifter earns the callous on their hands that toughens you up. If you are going to look like the glove guy invest in some lifting gloves designed for gripping iron. Other wise the rest of us are looking at the huge tool walking around like  your going gardening.

Using everything at once

This is most people biggest pet peeve, somebody just running around using 5 things at once. It’s very understandable you could be crunched for time or most people trying to do some kinda huge super set. There are other people who go to your gym and they pay for a membership just as you do so if you leave a bench open for 10 minutes be courteous and let them use it. There are a few guys at my gym that think they are training for who knows what and do this all the time which usually starts a fight. So again use your head and think about what you are doing.

Creepy photography

You probably use your phone to play your music when you are at the gym but that doesn’t mean you need to take pictures. Many times I have caught guys taking pictures of girls squatting or what not. The gym is a place where people come work out and feel comfortable. Nobody wants you to take their picture for you to send it to your friends, because working out can be a very personal thing.


All right that is enough advice out of me or some might say a gripe session on what ticks me off a the gym. So share with your friends and stay healthy.

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Make a plan

So you have been going through the motions going to the gym and not seeing many results and are wondering what am I doing wrong? What I can tell you the problem that I see with many people at the gym is that they have not direction at the gym and are wondering around aimlessly not really knowing what to do. The way you can solve this is by making yourself a workout plan.

Like building a house or putting your kids bike together you need to have some direction of what to do. View your body as that house you want to build and renovate what do you need to do? well with the age of the internet you can find just about anything you want to online. Different workouts, work out plans, and some may come with diet tips too.

When my buddies and I started gyming we hit   and did our research . having a plan makes you more efficient and be able to crush a workout instead of surveying what everyone else is doing and wondering where you fit in.

Thats my tidbit for the day so get out there and reach your goal. If you like what you read share with your friends!

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Proper Gym Wear

So at some point you may be thinking about joining a gym, or maybe you already belong to one. The question comes up what do I wear? So here are things that I noticed that come in handy.

When buying some gym cloths are choosing something to wear you need to find something comfortable. You are not going to be focused on doing your best and crushing a great workout if you are not feeling your best. if something is to tight or to loose you may also have an embarrassing accident or end up catching your cloths on something.

Don’t worry about name brand things when buying gym cloths. depending on what you are buying other than your sneakers you shouldn’t spend a ton on your gym cloths. The reason is you are going to beat them up sweat in them and pretty much destroy them. SO buying expensive stuff your going to end up trashing after a while isn’t worth it.

As I mentioned in the above paragraph do not skimp on your sneaks. The sneakers you buy should be quality. I personally went to the shoe store and tried on all kinds of sneakers to make sure I had a good pair that weren’t going to kill my feet. Another thing to consider is what you are going to be doing at the gym can determine what kinda sneakers you are going to want to purchase. So do your research and make a smart decision before buying the cute blue ones that are going to match that outfit.

Lastly something to consider is don’t dress outside your body type. I say this with love but I have always been a bigger guy myself and I don’t wear tiny tank tops thinking im some kinda lean hunk. But pay attention to what you are wearing because you could make your self look worse and other people feel uncomfortable. This also goes for the young ladies just wearing a sports bra to the gym, I have seen other ladies wonder and stare. So pay attention to the environment of the gym you are going to.

That is it for today’s service announcement. Please share with your friends.

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